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Fun-Filled Texas Hill Country Getaways

With 940 acres to explore, there's endless opportunity to find your own adventure at Canyon of the Eagles.

Our activities schedule is packed with free daily excursions ideal for families, groups and couples. From movies under the stars to fact-filled ecological tours, let us treat you to the best a Hill Country getaway can offer.

Activity Calendar

There are many things to do right here at the Canyon of the Eagles. Here is a list of some of our guests' favorites:

November 2016 | December 2016 | Januarary 2017

*** Please Note ***

Due to the nesting season of the Golden Cheeked Warbler and Black Capped Vireo some trails will be unavailble March 1 through August 31.

All activities are subject to change. Please call Guest Services at (512) 334-2070 for details on activities in the monthly calendar.


Entertainment Programs

These evening programs offer a great chance to relax after a day of exploring the nature park. Of course, all events are included in your room rate to guests at our Lake Buchanan resort.

Family Friendly Movies

We show popular family-friendly movies on our patio several evenings a week. Watch the show under a bright blanket of stars. Don't forget to purchase your hot chocolate and s'mores supplies near the movie area.

Star Parties

Escape to the stars with the help of Eagle Eye's High-tech telescopes and knowledgeable astronomers.  The 16-inch Ealing "Educator" Cassegrain Telescope offers research-quality views of the moon and distant stars, while the 12.5-inch Newtonian telescope offers a vibrant eye on the night sky.Eagle Eye Observatory.

Public Star Parties with the Austin Astronomical Society (A.A.S)

Join Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) and us for our monthly Public Star Party.  This fun learning experience, hosted by AAS, features additional astronomical equipment from the Society's private collection.

See all of the fun thinks that can be done at the Canyon of the Eagles. Things to do at the Canyon


Educational Programs

Don't miss your chance to meet the Traveling Naturalist, our on-hand ecology expert brimming with fun facts about the Texas Hill Country and its many inhabitants. Join us for any of the special Naturalist programs hosted weekly:

Shake, Rattle & Coil

A hands-on, user-friendly program featuring a number of non-venomous reptiles. Learn about the natural relationships between the animals that share our habitat. All ages welcome to this 60 minute program. Unlimited number of participants.

Canyon Family Series

  • Build Your Own Ecosystem: Did you know that you could make your own ecosystem? We will make a terrarium using some materials we have collected form the shoreline and trails
  • Hum Dinger Hummingbird FeedersLearn why hummingbirds are important to our environment as we identify various types of hummingbird in Central Texas.  We will discuss hummingbird migration, point our food sources and you'll make your own hummingbird feeder!
  • Treasure Hunting: Let's hike the trails and go treasure hunting!  We will make letterboxes to take and place in your community.
  • Leave No Trace: We will learn how to respect the environment and understand how nature helps us to respect the environment.  Tread lightly on the trails and leave the park as you find id for future visitors and wildlife habitat!
  • Don?t Go Buggy!: Learn about some of the insects here in our nature park. We will look at the life cycle of some insects and make a bug kaleidoscope! All ages welcome to this 90-minute program.
  • Did You See That?!: Let?s look at various animals and their camouflage. Lizards and snakes will hide in our environment. Can you see them?mThey hope not! We?ll make a snake or lizard our of recycled materials.
  • Bird Nests: Let?s Build a Home for Our Feathery Friends: Learn about the different types of bird nests, which bird lives in which type and make your own bird nest!
  • Animal Tracking ? Let?s Investigate: Find the signs that animals leave behind! By reading the tracks left behind, we will discover the various animals living here, in the Texas Hill Country. This program will allow you to discover the various animals located in our nature park. We will create your own cast of the animal print!
  • Explore the Universe with Jim: Join our astronomer Jim for a casual conversation as he discusses the solar system and discovering the universe. Includes a Q&A session.

Owl Prowl (Seasonal)

Owl Prowls are held from September to January and not more frequent than every 45 days, per protected species regulations.

An interactive amphitheater program in which Screech Owls will be called into view for identification using a mechanical call. Participants will observe flight patterns, types of birds, and stand eyeball to eyeball with Eastern Screech Owls. Owl pellet dissection may be available for small groups. Unlimited participants. Minimum duration: 45 minutes.
Location: Amphitheater

As you can see, the fun is never done at Canyon of the Eagles. Escape for remarkable Texas Hill Country getaways!

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