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Eagle Eye Observatory Calendar

Once a month, the Austin Astronomical Society hosts an educational "Star Party" at the Eagle Eye Observatory, and you're invited! Study the night sky with the help of the experts as they take you on a fascinating journey into the history and seasons of the stars and planets. How many constellations can you spot?

The AAS hosts two different star parties each month:

  • Members Only - participation limited to AAS members and their invited guests
  • Public Nights - everyone is invited for a truly dazzling night

The show kicks off at sundown, so don't be late!



Member Only


January 9 30
February 6 27
March 5 12
April 9 30
May 7 21
June 4 25
July 9 30
August 6 13
September 24 10
October 8 1
November 5 19
December 3 17

*Gate will close on Member Only nights approximately 10 minutes before dark.

For more about the star parties and the Austin Astronomical Society, visit their website.